We are currently building whistles in 6 keys:

  • Eb
  • D
  • C
  • Bb
  • A
  • G



They are available in two mouthpieces constructed using Delrin (a very durable, completely moisture resistant polymer):

  • Quiet Mouthpiece – for those who want a little quieter whistle requiring less air (left)
  • Session Mouthpiece – loud and requiring a little more air (right)





Whistle tubes are available in (but are not limited to):

  • Blackwood
  • Cocobolo
  • Purple Heart
  • Honduran
  • Delrin (making for a very maintenance free whistle)
  • Aluminum (only available in keys C and D)
  • Cocobolo Dymondwood (a very durable, moisture resistant dyed wood/epoxy laminate)

All tuning slides and ferrules are constructed using brass.

  • Eb, D and C whistles sell for $185
  • Bb and A whistles sell for $250
  • G whistle sells for $285


  • Stateside USPS Priority Mail shipping is included in the cost.
  • Shipping outside of the United States requires an additional charge of $40 for USPS Priority Mail shipping.


  • PayPal to milliwe@comcast.net is the preferred method of payment.  All whistles are sold with a 14 day trial period and can be returned at no charge if needs are not met